finance and Management


1.Starbucks has been identified as one of the best places to work according to employee rankings and job posting websites. It has also earned a number of top customer service accolades and many of these recognitions result from Starbucks’ human resource management practices. Describe how Starbucks’ human resource management practices enabled them to build their culture and become a successful company

.2.Starbucks’ strategy often enabled the company to successfully compete in a heavily saturated market of coffee shops and eateries. Describe Starbucks’ strategy. What are some key elements of their strategy that enabled them to maintain a competitive advantage and keep customers?

3.As Starbucks’ business expands, it continually faces issues on how to keep customer satisfaction high and maintain and attract business. How has innovation and change specifically contributed to the success of the company? As the company grows larger, what types of changes are being made to the structure, technology, and people in the organization?                       

                                             FINANCE ASSIGNMENT

Please: answer the questions below. Use either the Bloomberg terminals located at the Feliciano School of Business or other reputable sources such as, or Wall Street Journal etc. for the financial data you use in your answers. You need to provide the references regarding the financial data you use to support your answers at the end of the finance portion of the term paper.

Questions:1.Expanding the number of stores in a foreign market, such as the expansion plan launched by Starbucks in China (announced in 2018), is a major capital budgeting project. A project of this scale requires coordinated planning across all functions of a business that youare studying in your Integrated Core classes. Choose and discuss three items on the income statement that you think will be impacted by this new undertaking. Explain why you chose those particular items, and how those items are impacted by the marketing, management and operations decisions of the company.

2.Choose and calculate threeratios for Starbucksfor the last two years. Make sure to select ratios that you think would be impacted by expanding in a new market, and explain your reasoning. Identify acompetitor of SBUXand contrast the ratios. Explain why you selected thiscompetitor. Describe how thedecisions made by management, marketing and operations functions of the company can impact, and hopefully improve, these financial ratios. 

3.Explain how the financial decisions regarding opening a new store are related to management, marketing or operations decisions that the company must make (or has made)?