final research paper

You will write a 7-10 pages (double space not including the title page and reference page) research paper about International Students’ Experience in U.S. higher education. To begin the research, you need to pick a specific demographic group of international students that you want to study (e.g. Chinese, Arabs, Mexican, German, Turkish, Nigerian, etc.). All the information that you presented in your research paper must refer to the demographic group that you have chosen. You need to include at least six scholarly or peer-reviewed journals to support your work.

Your paper should include the following content:

  • Background of the international students using the Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
  • Challenges that international students experience living in the
  • International students’ cultures and interaction with the American students
  • Values and benefits international students bring to the U.S. campus
  • International students’ communication styles (verbal and nonverbal) and how different are their communication styles compared to American students
  • Common stereotypes, prejudice, and/or racism that international students experience
  • International students’ acculturation process
  • International students’ identities (social and cultural)
  • Influence of mass media on the international students

Tips: since you have started working on two assignments that tie to this topic, you can use some of the information that you have gathered and completed in this paper.

The Final Research Paper will consist of a Title Page, an Introduction (approx. half a page), a Discussion section (minimum five pages – maximum of seven pages), a Conclusion (approx.  half a page), and a References list consisting of at least six scholarly sources. 

Note: Wikipedia, newspaper articles, and blogs cannot be used as sources in the research paper.

Use APA style format for page headers, Title Page, Introduction, Discussion section, Conclusion, and References list. Use the Template for Final available for download in Shared Resources for the Final Research Paper. 

Do not copy/paste content from the article(s) or use word-for-word direct quotes (“”). Paraphrase into your own words and cite with in text citations. Each paragraph in the Final Research Paper will require in text citations. The Final Research Paper uploaded to the Module 8 Final Research Paper Assignment folder will be automatically submitted to to check for resemblance. 

Conduct a spelling and grammar check on the Final Research Paper content.

And please follow the template that I provide you down below.