Final Project


In Week 5, you began to adapt a lesson plan. In week 6, you made a chart of different teaching strategies for differentiating instruction. For your final project, you will be completing the adapted lesson plan using both of these assignments and the material on assessment presented in Week 8.

For your final project, add 3 differentiating strategies to your lesson plan. Make sure when you are thinking of the strategies you would like to use that you are considering the individual needs of your students. These strategies can include:


•Tiered Assignments

•Independent Study


•Learning Centers

•Choice boards

•Adjusting questions: – be sure and write comprehension questions according to Bloom’s taxonomy

•Flexible Grouping



•Response to Intervention

Make sure to fully explain the strategy and how it will be used.

The last step is to add assessment to your lesson plan. Add 2-3 formative assessments and 1 summative assessment. When writing these assessments, please take into consideration the students in your class and how you will make the assessments fair for them. You will need to write out the adaptations for the summative assessment. Make sure to include the lesson plan with all adaptations, all assessments, and lesson materials such as worksheets. Make sure you have a title page and a reference page.