Final Paper

 Overview:  You will be required to write one 4-6 page research paper (double-spaced, 12-font) where you examine the historical significance of an image from the John Carter Brown Library’s Archive of Early American Images or the Archive of Political Cartoons ( (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。 ). You will choose one or two images from the JCB archives to explore the historical story of the image. For a research paper, you will need to generate the main question you will pursue and develop a clear argument for the reader. You will then need to support your central claim with evidence drawn from primary sources of the time being studied and scholarly secondary sources relating to the topic being examined.  Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to challenge students to produce a written product where they explore the history of a particular historical image and unpack the context necessary to understand the temporal space and significance of the image.  Skills that will be practiced:  To fulfill this assignment, students will need to acquire and implement the following skills:  Problem solving—Students will need to use historical thinking and critical thinking skills to be able unravel the significance and historical context of the image the chose. Information literacy—As part of their research, students will learn the difference between primary and secondary sources, popular and scholarly sources, credible and untrustworthy sources. Moreover, they will need to use information resources like the internet, library services, etc. Image analysis skills—Students will learn and practice how to read an image and how to uncover its levels of meanings. Complex writing—Students will practice brainstorming, organizing, outlining, editing, and finalizing a complex, research-based written product. In-depth understanding of a historical moment in U.S. history—To untangle the historical context of the image they select, students will need to acquire multiple perspectives and understandings of the historical moment pertaining to their image. Assignment Expectations:  Your paper must:  Be written clearly and with minimal grammatical, spelling, and typo errors. Use at least three primary sources and three secondary sources. Use proper Chicago Manual of Style format to cite quotes and paraphrasing. The assignment will be turned in via Canvas on December 2, 2018. There are two additional requirements that you must complete for this paper worth 20 points each. The requirements are:  a List of Quality Research Questions (Due 10/28/18) For this assignment, you will use the process presented in class in “Generating Good Research Questions” to develop a list of between 5 and 10 strong, quality research questions you could explore for your image. an Outline and Sources List (11/18/18) For this assignment, you will create an outline of the key points you expect to explore and present in your paper. Your outline must include a working thesis. You will also create a sources list formatted in Chicago Manual of Style format of the sources you plan to use for your paper.