Organizational Behavior and Ethics Field Study

The OB and E Field Study requires student to engage in the investigation of an actual organization. Deep reading and critical thinking of the course readings are an essential starting point. For there, students, facilitated by the instructor, generate questions from these course readings for the purposes of then taking them into the field and testing the course concepts in practice, i.e., the applied setting. This examination is done through gathering data through interviews and observations done on-site and electronically. Contemporaneously, data collection and analysis will result in working conclusions about theory and practice in the context of the organization under your analysis. Herein lies the critical element of this assignment (and course) – the integration of theory and practice. It is important to leverage any contacts you may have in the area who would be willing to participate in helping you with this project. It is generally helpful to have a manager in Human Resources, or a manager in general, who deals with these areas of organizational behavior and ethics.

The OB and Field Study is a project that requires coordination and collaboration of student effort to analyze an actual organization, applying the concepts explored each week throughout the semester. students, are responsible for the collection of data through interview and other research (website, library). The areas to be examined directly correspond to the conceptual framework explored in this course:

  1. Motivation and Performance
  2. Interpersonal and Group Behavior (Team Dynamics)
  3. Leadership and Power
  4. Organizations, Work Processes, and People
  5. Organizational Change and Development
  6. Ethics and Ethical Decision-making

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7. Sustainability and Social Responsibility

These major OB and E Concepts provide the structure or outline of the OB and E Field Study.

The final deliverable items that culminate this project are:

(1) A written, professional Organizational Behavior and Ethics Field Study of your organization, examined through the above conceptual framework (10-12 pages, excluding Cover Page, Table of Contents, Exhibits, Works Cited).