Fashion Designs International, Inc. Preview the document [PDF] case study and complete the following requirements.



Please note:  All information required for this assignment is provided in the Unit 3 Student WorkbookPreview the document [Excel] for this unit.

Read the Fashion Designs International, Inc.Preview the document [PDF] case study and complete the following requirements.

Quantitative Analysis: 

Based on the information presented in Tables 1 and 2, calculate the following:

  1. Calculate Total Variable Costs.
  2. Calculate Total Fixed Costs
  3. Calculate Contribution Margin per Unit
  4. Calculate Break-Even, Unit Sales
  5. Calculate Target Profit

Qualitative Analysis: 

In a 2-3 page report, based on your quantitative analysis, what do you think FDI should do with its production: continue in North America or move it overseas? Discuss the quantitative, qualitative, and ethical factors, if any, that come into play with this decision.  Support your recommendation with a minimum of 3 academic resources.


  • Quantitative Analysis (Excel Required): You are required to use the provided Excel workbook to complete the quantitative analysis for this assignment.
  • Qualitative Analysis (Word Required): Prepare a 2-3 page summary addressing the required qualitative analysis, as noted in the Student Workbook.  Your paper is required to be formatted according to APA requirements.  Be sure to incorporate key concepts from this unit’s readings and properly cite your references according to APA requirements.  Do NOT embed the results of your quantitative analysis in your Word document.  You should only reference parts of your quantitative analysis in your written analysis.  Your written responses to the qualitative prompts should not be presented in a question and answer format.