Fashion assignment


Consider cultural influences in trends and fashions that you are familiar with. There is a list below that presents some items you may want to consider, but you are free to pick something else you think of as well.

You are to select a contemporary item of dress, adornment or accessory from this culture or another culture or subculture. You will need to have an electronic image(s) of the item in your report. Describe the item and its function as dress in today’s cultural environment. You need to have a MINIMUM of 3 references and cite them using an acceptable, consistent style used for the course – APA. Discuss the following questions in your assignment


  1. Whatistheoriginoftheitem/trendofdress?Isithistorical,social, psychological, cultural, other, or a combination of two (2) or more? Some discussion points to keep in mind would be; what decade did the trend/item first appear? What country? Etc.
  2. Whatsortoffunctiondoestheitem/trendofdresshaveforits wearers: is it identification, art, tradition, function, a combination,

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etc.? Some discussion points to keep in mind would be; is it worn for

ceremonies? For dressy occasions or can it be worn everyday? Etc.

  1. Is the item/trend meaningful to all people in the culture or subculture,
    or to a selective group within the culture or subculture?
  2. What meanings are associated with the items – by the wearer and also
    interpreted by observers?
  3. Overall, WHY do people who wear or use the item, wear and use the

The list (below) presents some items/trends you may want to consider from various cultures. Try searching online using key terms mixed with decades or regions or people, etc. (example: “Jackie Kennedy and style and 1960s” or “jackets and England and 1960s” or “wedding rings and America and 1980s” – DO NOT now use these examples for your paper, you will receive a 0 if you do). Think about seasons or decades as well and how that can affect items or trends. There

Different types of ______ for men or women – or both:

Bathing suits
Athletic wear/sportswear
Leggings/pants/pant styles/etc
Tops/shirts/t-shirt styles/etc
Men’s suits (casual or business)
Women’s business outfits
Dominant styles of subcultures (punk/mod/jock/etc) Various types of body art/adornment