Experiential Learning


Games, simulations, and virtual “worlds” provide learners with an opportunity to engage in an immersive and interactive environment that requires knowledge, decision making, and information management skills. Check out the demo versions of games and simulations at LavaMind 

(http://www.lavamind.com/index.html) and choose one to play. In your discussion, identify the game you played and answer the following questions about the game:

What types of learning outcomes can be achieved through playing the game?
Are there particular academic disciplines where the game and/or simulation would be most effective? What about particular learning styles?
What support is needed by faculty to integrate the game and/or simulation in their course?
Did you learn anything?

The use of games, simulations, and virtual environments is still controversial, as their association with play and fun is often considered non-educational. In addition to answering the above questions, discuss how willing you would be to implement experiential learning in your course. Why or why not?