Ethical Dilemma Activity

Ethical Dilemma Activity 

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An ethical dilemma is when we are faced with an ethical decision that asks us to weigh two of our moral beliefs, or two of our moral codes, and decide which is more important. For this activity, you’ll be asked to look at one short ethical dilemma and decide what you would do. 


Step 1: 

Find your name next to a scenario below.  Once you find your scenario, read it carefully; then post a reply explaining what you’d do. Defend your choice using the ethical principles in the reading. Explain what you weighed in your mind before making your decision and why you think it’s the best choice.

When you post your answer, please copy and paste the scenario prompt, and then include your answer below it, so that your readers can see which scenario you are responding to. 

Step 2:

After you’ve posted to your group, respond to 2 of your group members’ posts.  Read the ethical scenario they are responding to and then their answer.  Then comment on whether you agree or disagree with their choice and/or their reasoning. You might consider if they are missing something that would be important for you to consider. 

Note: Replies are threaded, so be careful to reply to the person you intend to reply to. 

Note: I have split you into groups, so you’ll only see a handful of people’s replies (not the entire class). 

Scenario 2: You have been nominated for an award at work. However, you realize that you have been nominated for work that a co-worker mostly did, with only minor help from you. However, that co-worker no longer works for your
company. It seems no one knows the truth about who did the work. You believe that you are a better employee than the other 2 people nominated for the award, and you’ve been at the company a lot longer than the other 2 people. You’ve been wanting a promotion and the award could help you build your resume and advance within the company. What do you do?