Essay Enlightenment and French Revolution

Write two essays which address each question with at least 500 words each. 

Chapter 17: Europe during the Enlightenment

  • Define Enlightenment.  Identify the key concerns of the Enlightenment.  Discuss the varieties of Enlightenment thoughts; not all Enlightened thinkers agreed, not all accepted the same premises, not all were the same.
  • Discuss how the Enlightened thinkers attempted to apply the techniques of the scientific revolution to human political and social organizations. 

Chapter 18: The French Revolution

  • In what ways does the French Revolution signify the onset of the modern world?  What is the legacy of the Revolution?
  • What is the connection between the French Revolution and nineteenth-century ideologies like liberalism, conservatism, socialism, communism, and nationalism


You will be graded on:

  • Format
    • Did you follow the course guidelines for formatting your paper?  
    • Did you follow the 5-paragraph essay guidelines shown below?
  • Argument
    • Do you have a thesis statement?  Is it clearly worded, and concise?
    • Have you included course material/specifics to support your argument/position/answer?
    • Does your argument have depth?  Or is your argument shallow and elementary?
  • Collegiate-level Writing
    • Have you checked your essays for grammar errors?  
    • Have you proof-read your paper?
  • Accuracy
    • Is the material you have included in your essay(s) accurate?
    • Have you used material from the appropriate time-period?
  • Footnotes
    • Have you used Chicago style footnotes to document your sources?
    • Have you included a sufficient number of footnotes?
      • There should be a minimum of 1 footnote for every paragraph (with the exception of the conclusion.)


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