Essay due in 48 hours


TOPIC: You will define a concept or term significant to understanding an important issue or debate OR a concept or term that sheds light on some aspect of popular culture. Listed below are topics. 

PURPOSE: The purpose of your paper is either to change someone’s mind about what a term or concept means or to explain an interesting but unfamiliar element of popular culture and to establish an appeal for its importance. 

CRITERIA: This assignment will contain elements of narrative, summary, rhetorical analysis, and rebuttal. In other words, this essay will employ two or more of the writing styles that we have studied this semester.  Your paper should include a thesis statement, and the body of the paper should explore the defining criteria you select. The conclusion of your paper should point to the “big picture”—how does knowing the meaning of X contribute to our understanding of a larger debate or today’s popular culture and why is that understanding necessary? 

ASSESSMENT: You will be graded on how persuasively you present, explain, and defend your topic and how clearly you relate the importance of your definition to understanding a larger concept. Your essay should be five or more paragraphs. Avoid cliché in favor of original metaphor. Proofread carefully and correct any major errors (sentence fragments, run-on sentences, subject-verb agreement, or pronoun usage errors). 


The American Dream Honesty Friend 

Hero/Heroism Family Happiness 

Equality Racism Beauty

Freedom Success Marriage 


· Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word document ONLY. DO NOT submit a PDF file or other document files. 

· Proofread for content, grammatical errors and punctuation

· Use one of the approved fonts and font sizes as listed in the Rules/Guidelines for writing module.

· Indent the first line of each paragraph five (5) spaces.