Essay 3


Please fully answer each question

1) You work for a New York based consumer products firm and you have been asked to recommend a VPN to install at the firm. You are asked to consider both hardware and software VPNs. Research both hardware and software VPNs, choose one product from each of these two categories (hardware and software)  and prepare a report that discusses your two choices and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each product. (2 Pages) 

2) You are a popular security consultant in the New York area. Several of your clients are worried about Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. Write a report about you would stop or minimize the effects of a DDOS attack. (2 Pages)

3) You perform security training at your company. You are tasked with creating documentation for non-technical users explaining what proxy servers and bastion hosts are and why they are important security tools. Write a one and a half page summary in total explaining each of these two tools in a way that non-technical users could understand. (2 Pages)

4) You did such a great job researching and recommending a VPN (question 1) that your firm now wants you to recommend a firewall to install at the company. Research a firewall offered by a large security or network related firm and one offered by a small independent company. Prepare a one to two page paper summarizing what each of the two products does and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each product.  (2 Pages)

5) Your company sells assorted children’s products (toys, games, puzzles etc.). Your IDPS detects an attack on your customer database. Upon initial review of the logs, it appears that a competitor located in a foreign country is behind this. Using the SIRT team member departments we discussed in module 8, list what departments you would notify immediately. Explain why you are including them and why, at least initially, you are excluding the others. (2 Pages)

6) List and discuss at least 4 legal related ( such as laws out of date) challenges security professional are facing today. In addition, discuss managing change and why it is important to security professionals both on a technical and a personal level (2 Pages)

total 12 pages (minimum)