Environmental Report

1. Company: CRAVE Nasi Lemak

2. Country to venture into: DUBAI

3. Stick to the Number of words stated

4. Only do Economic from the STEEP (Grp assignment-Skeleton.doc will give you an idea what my group mate will be write in Social, Technological, Environmental and Political and other section)

5. Format of Economic (Must include statistics, tables/charts/graph, images) 450 Words

a. GDP of the country

b. Currency Used

c. Exchange Rate between SGD & Dirham

d. Inflation Rate – https://www.statista.com/statistics/297779/uae-inflation-rate/

e. Price Nasi Lemak at premium rate

f. Employment rate bring in job opportunity

g. Projected Economic grow rate

h. https://www.aspirantsg.com/singapore-vs-dubai-comparison/

Implication (50 words) need to explain either opportunities or threat

6. Do SWOT Analysis 300 words


a. Ethnic diversity, people there can experience what Singapore culture is like

b. Digitalisation (First Artificial Intelligence Nasi lemak restaurant, to improve service and keep up with the tech)

c. Power distance index: Trusted brand (Award winning, most preferred nasi lemak in singapore)

d. Premium service

e. plant-based meat menu – appeal to vegetarian also

need to explain/elaborate on the identified Strengths


1) Intense competition, because there are a lot of nasi lemak stalls in dubai

2) Many red tapes in terms of the politics

need to explain/elaborate on the identified Weaknesses


1) Dubai is a halal known country, so crave will have an advantage in it (social)

2) Dubai is just a city in a big country, we can use this to venture out to the whole UAE (economical) – Higher spending power

Need to briefly explain them


1) Political and Law

Need to briefly explain them

6.1 Target Market (50 words)

1) Atas People

2) High Income People

Need to be specific with the demographics (like age range, gender, income level)

7. Do PowerPoint Slides for Economic, SWOT & target market as well

8. Use UK English

9. Have header & Sub header

10. Referencing format use Curtin Chicago 17th B refer to Chicago_17th_B.pdf page 6 & 7

11. Referencing to include doi 

12. Have clear in-text citation (not in number format)

13. Journal best is from Reference Journal.png

14. Journal must be from year 2010 onwards

15. Cannot use “US”, “I”, “WE”, “YOU”, “ME”

16. Urkund score cannot be more than 10%

17. Take note of language use

18. Do not do any others part just do what is being ask above