Econ Paper


  We all hear a lot in the news (and in our environmental scanning articles) about what the economy is currently doing—some say its improving while others say it is getting worse and is going to continue to get worse. Who is right and who is wrong? In this project we will analyze the situation and attempt to decide for ourselves, based on real data and information, if it is actually getting better or worse.

          Each student should choose four annual economic indicators as presented since the Great Recession began in 2006. (There are literally hundreds of indicators on various web sites). These indicators will explain what the current economic situation is actually doing—is it getting better or worse, positive or negative, going up or down? 

          In the final project you and/or your team are to study these indicators, analyze them, add a severe injection of critical thinking, and actually develop a possible solution or solutions to the economic problems facing this country today. You will need to include in your analysis what each indicator signifies to the economy, how each affects the economy, and what has happened with each indicator since the recession began.

          This will be a comprehensive report. Provide proof for every analysis and solution offered in your report. The report will need to be at least two pages in length. The length is not as important as the quality of the contents (research). You will need to base your solution(s) on actual data (facts) and on sound economic principles and/or theories as presented throughout the text. Include as much of the research documentation as possible. This project will be due during or before the last week of class. This project is considered the final exam and will count a maximum of 100 points toward your final point total.