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Do the following and use the attachment for some information to use in paper 

 Explaining Developmentally Practice

Below you will see the three Core Considerations for Developmentally Appropriate Practice. This document is intended to be read by professionals in the early childhood field and contains field-specific language. However, your center practices revolve around these basic concepts. As teachers, we need to be able to inform parents of how and why we do what we do in our classes with young children. Parents are going to need to understand the basic concepts of DAP.

For this activity, think about what you would say to a parent who is interested in DAP, but is unsure of what it is. In your paper write out how you would explain to a parent the meaning of the three core considerations of DAP. Make sure to give them examples of each to simplify the core considerations.

1 Commonality—current research and understandings of processes of child development and learning that apply to all children, including the understanding that all development and learning occur within specific social, cultural, linguistic, and historical contexts. 

2 Individuality—the characteristics and experiences unique to each child, within the context of their family and community, that have implications for how best to support their development and learning.

3 Context—everything discernible about the social and cultural contexts for each child, each educator, and the program as a whole.

Your paper should be no longer than two pages- double spaced.