Discussion 3.1: Digestive Diseases

Page 1 Research one digestive system disease or disorder.

Explore the Internet and research one digestive system disease or disorder. Use the image search feature on a browser such as Google to find an image that shows a sign or symptom of the disease or disorder you have selected. Be sure that you can explain what the image is showing. Identify all anatomical structures in the image as appropriate. Discuss whether this disease or disorder is something that is more or less prevalent within a specific age group across the lifespan. Also, make a brief statement about how the homeostasis of the body can be impacted by this disease. What is happening in the digestive system that

Discussion 3.1: Motor Skills

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Step 1: Read and review Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 in your textbook.

Step 2: Discuss the following:

· To what extent do you think that an individual’s gender impacts the development of their gross motor skills? 

· Do you feel that gross motor development is more influenced by genetics or environmental factors?

· Based on research and your assigned readings, how might your explain the anticipated gross motor development to a family of fraternal male/female twins in a clinical setting?

· Do you feel that an individual’s cultural background can impact gross motor development within these ages for both boys or girls?  Explain why or why not?