DUE 3/21/21 

PLEASE read Chapter 8 in order to answer these questions.  

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Intelligence Types  

Chapter 8 goes over many of the different theories that show how intelligence is understood. Describe the differences between the theories of Binet and Gardner in terms of intelligence. Which theorist do you believe is right in the way they think about intelligence? Why? 

Teaching Problem Solving 

In much of our adult lives, we are forced to use problem-solving skills to help us to make decisions and to make sense of the information we are trying to interpret. Not having good problem-solving skills can greatly impact how we live our lives.
How can a parent encourage their child to learn to use problem-solving skills? How do games and sports help with this? How does making mistakes help to build problem-solving skills? How does a parent’s reaction to a child making a poor decision impact their ability to learn from the mistake they made? 

Check in – 3 Types of Memory Stores  

There are three types of ways that we store memories. For participation credit, explain each of them and explain what might impact our ability to store information in those ways?