Discussion/Posting #3: Video Insights


For this Discussion/Posting #3, you should have viewed the posted videos (via You Tube), Vis-à-vis (PBS Series) “Beyond the Veil” Video and “Who Do You Think You Are?” television series.  Please answer the following questions in relation to these videos.  Refer to course concepts and material in your response.  Please respond to at least two of your peer responses as well.

Total Points:  60 points

Here are my parameters (which will help guide you in terms of what I am looking for):

*Your Initial Post (you have to answer questions in an initial posting on every discussion):  This should be 250 words single-spaced.

*How does history and historical memory relate to the “Beyond the Veil” video and the two women?

*What did you find the most interesting about the video?  What was the most surprising?

*Which cultural patterns that we learned in Unit 2-Module 2 – seemed to influence the interactions between the two women?

*What would you tell both women in terms of how to better understand one another?

*What insights about history and historical memory did you come away with after viewing the Who Do You Think You Are?” television series?

*Why is it that our knowledge of our past is oftentimes selected, restricted, and “piece-meal”?


Vis-à-vis (PBS Series) “Beyond the Veil”:

“Who Do You Think You Are?”(need part1,2,3):