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Discussion: Unfinished Business

There are many controversial issues within the student success literature. One is that there is too much “hand-holding” in U.S. colleges and universities and that students have a “right to fail.” One of the interviewees in this week’s media segment even talked about accompanying students as they visited various offices around campus! 

Post -answer the below :

-Just how far do we go to accommodate students? 

-What are the consequences of expecting too little and doing too much?

-Your perspective on what happens when goals for institutional success conflict with an individual’s need to become more independent

-other issues in the student success literature that you consider to be controversial.

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Article: McClenney, K. M., & Marti, N. C. (2006). Exploring relationships between student engagement and student outcomes in community colleges: Report on validation research. Retrieved July 8, 2016, from http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED529075.pdf

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