Discussion Due In 24 Hours


Watch the following video then answer these questions. Note that the video is an EXTREME case!  Make sure you are following the discussion post instructions that are located under “Guidelines and Rubrics”. Also make sure that you reference and cite the module readings and resources. You can also cite other resources. 

Andrea Yates


Andrea Yates

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Questions to answer in your post:

What factors fed her depression and eventual psychosis?
Do you think we, as society, talk about what postpartum depression is and how it can be combated? Why or why not? 
What are some things that both partners can do to help deal with the stress of raising a new child?
Do you think the outcome would have been different if they did not get pregnant with the last child? Why or why not?
What is your overall opinion of what happened? Consider her and her husband’s background/upbringing, our course readings, and what you already knew about postpartum depression. 

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