discussion board questions


This assignment will have you browse YouTube or watch television for commercials, or look through magazines to find advertisements. Referring to readings and lecture, you will post an analysis of the advertisement to Blackboard. The analysis should clearly apply concepts and terms from our class, between 200 and 300 words. In addition to applying terms, you should demonstrate awareness and comprehension of concepts. Go beyond, “The ad wants me to buy the product.” Think sociologically – how is the company trying to sell you on the product/service? What messages is the ad sending to viewers? How do these messages impact the viewer? Self-image? Self-esteem? 


Considering the materials we’ve covered so far, write 3 reflective questions you have about sociology and the concepts found in the chapter. You might consider: What connections could be made, potential conflicts for you (values vs. theory), or what you want to know more about.

Reflective questions are ones that provoke some, you guessed, reflection on the material. Some examples of reflective questions include:

• What did you agree/disagree with most?
• In your own experience, how does _____ (topic/point) apply to ____?
• What is your opinion on _____?
• How would you explain _____?
• What is the connection between _____?
• How do you reconcile different viewpoints of _____?
• How does this point relate to ______?