Discussion Board 7


Note for the Discussion Boards

For this week’s discussion board:

  1. From either Skeptical Sciences’ 198 responses (Links to an external site.) to the most common questions about Climate Science OR Climate Feedback (Links to an external site.) where top scientists fact-check and peer review news stories, in 100 words discuss the most profound information you gleaned on them.
  2. What is the most interesting thing you learned from either Dr. Katherine Hayhoe (Links to an external site.), Dr. Marshall Shepherd (Links to an external site.), or Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (Links to an external site.) that you did not already know. 
  3. Visit MakeBeliefsComix.com (Links to an external site.) and create one 3-panel comic which emphasizes any of the ideas covered in the material this week. Embed your comic in this discussion board. Channel your inner creativity and use humor in an informational way! The comic with the most likes receives 5 extra credit points

*This week’s discussion board is worth 20 points, so make it count!