Discussion 2: Job Attitudes and Social Change


We live in an interconnected world where global events can and often do shape the nature of work. All organizations are continually impacted by forces of change—from within and from without. The vicissitudes of the economy, new technology, and even management styles can have profound effects on the world of work and, consequently, the well-being of employees. Many organizational factors have been found to affect job attitudes and, as a result, employee performance and organizational effectiveness. 

Consider the implications that positive and negative job attitudes have on people, organizations, and society as a whole. What might organizations do to create and foster positive job attitudes? How might job attitudes affect social change?

To prepare for this Discussion, reflect on any relevant prior learning and the Learning Resources this week. Consider any insights or conclusions about job attitudes and their relationship to social change.

By Day 5

Post a response to the following:

Provide a synopsis of your present understanding of job attitudes in the workplace. Explain the conclusions you have reached about job attitudes based on past courses, this week’s resources, and personal experience. Finally, discuss the potential implications that job attitudes (positive and negative) might have on individuals, organizations, and society.