Discussion 2

Prior to beginning this discussion, jot down a brief reflection on your current beliefs about mulitcultural education ( including how you define the term).  Then if you have not already done so read the required article Multicultural Education

According to Nieto and Bode (2018).  "Becoming a multicultural teacher…. means first becoming a multicultual person" (p,332).  Throughout this course you will discover ways to create mulitcutural learning envrironments as early chilhood professional that are responsive to the needs of children and families.  

For this assignment, create a presentation using Prezi, NewHive, or powerpoint that you can share with families in your early childhood envrionment to communicate you multicurltural philosophy and practices.

Describe your beliefs about multicultural educaton based on the above mention reflection prior to reading the article "Multicultural Education"

Create you own multicultural education philosophy statement after reading the article "Multicultural Education" and at least one other scholarly source of your choice.

Discuss two or three specific ways to incorporate you philosophy into a multicultural learning setting in your role as an early childhood educator or administrator.

Discuss two or three obstacles you might encounter when creating a multicultural learning environment and describe ways to address these challenges.

You will need to create a visually appealing presentation, while using the notes feature to elaborate on the ideas presented in your slides.  Your mulitmedia presentation should thoroughly address each of the four points above and your information should be presented in a clear and creative, and visually appealing way.  Be sure to include references that are fromatted to 

APA syle as outlined.