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This activity will help you engage others with your vision of the future. Developing a compelling vision, one that is inspirational and makes people want to act, may seem impossible. This activity will help you see that you have the basic skills necessary to create a compelling vision. If you want to be successful, you only need to practice!

For this assignment, follow these steps:

  • Think about a place where you have gone on vacation and would love to return with friends.
  • Close your eyes and think about the place: what do you feel, hear, taste, or smell? What makes you smile about the place? Open your eyes and jot down some notes about what you experienced.
  • Record yourself presenting an impassioned invitation to join you on vacation in a two-minute video and share it in the discussion board in Blackboard. Do not read it; it should be extemporaneous! NOTE: You must use the YuJa Software Station to record and share your video recording. See Getting Started with YuJa for more information.
  • Review your peers’ videos and vote for the one who best convinced you to go on vacation with them by responding to their post, telling them why you would choose to go on vacation with them. Please do not vote for yourself.