Develop A Financial Plan (Part 1/3)


The Course Project is based on the following scenario:

A new president has been selected to run your university. His first initiative is to impose a new strategic direction that focuses on three key priorities:

· Increasing student engagement

· Integrating information technology into programs and services

· Developing measurable learning outcomes

This has the potential to change a number of operations, priorities, and the allocation of resources in your department.

For Part 1 you will consider new priorities on which your department should focus, identify what new initiatives should be undertaken based on those priorities, develop proposals based on those initiatives, and explain how they meet the new institutional priorities. 

Please see attached  assignment in the word document 

Identify your Department:

New Departmental Priorities:

How might these new institutional objectives impact your department?

Determine the new priorities the department would need to pursue to meet the institution’s new strategic direction.

Identify new initiatives to be undertaken and explain how they align with the department’s new goals

Recommend Proposals:

Develop two proposals that reflect the new priorities and initiatives. 

Identify the purpose of these proposals, and describe the relationship of these proposals to the institution’s new strategic direction. How will these proposals contribute toward the achievement of the new strategic priorities?

Part 1: Length: 3 pages