Description And Analyis

irst, students will need to visit an approved museum or gallery (I suggest the SCAD Museum, Jepson Center, or Beach Institute, if you are in Savannah). Then, write a 2-3 page paper of ONE work of art from the exhibition visited. For this second paper write a detailed description (what you literally see, for example a woman wearing a red hat) of the work and THIS TIME, also write an analysis (how the work is organized) of the elements and principles used in the work.

DO NOT GIVE AN INTERPRETATION (the meaning) of the work, just what you see. This is an opportunity to use more of the vocabulary to critique the art. Please use the gallery name, artist, name of artwork, date, and medium in the

introduction (first paragraph) of the paper. Students must also

upload a selfie/proof of visit

from the art gallery or art museum; without proof your paper will not be accepted for grading.

Remember that if you add research from academic sources or the museum website you must have a works cited page and proper citations in the text.