crime data report


Select any city you wish from the links below. The first category/column is the larger Metropolitan Statistical Area that the cities belong to.  You will just be selecting a single city from this group (aka the second column). For the sake of everyone who will pick the proverbial “low hanging fruit” of the Chicago, I am considering that “off limits” as a choice.

Give me the report on 3 years of the most recent crime data as provided by the following Uniform Crime Report (UCR) charts from the FBI website:

2017 Metro Stats:

2018 Metro Stats:

2019 Metro Stats:

DO NOT simply copy and paste the charts into your report.  Report them as a general narrative. While what want to see are the numbers from the chart (especially in the context of the crime rate/100,000 inhabitants of these areas), you may, and should, report the raw numbers that seem excessively high or low (such as if you area had close to 1000 murders as the Chicago or St. Louis areas do), or if there is an EXTREMELY low number of crime or zero registered crimes in a particular category.  Importantly, I also want to know over this 3-year period if the crime went up or down or stayed stagnant.  For this you should not only report the violent crime and property crime category statistic listed, but also calculate the percentage rise or fall between each of the 3 years. Here is a simple tool for calculating percentage change:

ALSO IMPORTANT: Not all cities have data reported for all 3 years. Therefore, prior to selecting a city to write on, make sure you have data that comes from the UCR in 2017, 2018, ands 2019

This should be about a page in length and be in a professional style as if it were being read/presented as a press conference on crime in your city. It should be easy to understand to a common citizen while touching on the #’s, rates, and trends for crime over the 3 year period in that community.