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Organizational Leadership Vision: Due 3/15

For this final reflection paper, you will be identifying five concepts from the course that you have found useful to you as you imagine yourself in a future leadership/management or ownership role in an organization. You can use any material from the entire course for this assignment that you have not written about already.  A concept would be something similar to the items you have been writing about all semester for your organizational behavior and leadership papers.


One sentence describing the assignment.

The Vision [125-150 words]

Please project yourself in a future role in your career in which you imagine that you have responsibility for the success of a group of employees. Start your paper off with an introductory paragraph that sets the context for this future role, by giving some information about the type of company or department that you would picture yourself leading in the future. Identify the time setting, i.e. five from now, ten years from now, etc. The more clearly you can paint a picture of this future role, the more effective the rest of your paper will be. Include some idea about the type of work that most of your employees will be doing, at least the major “job families” in the company.

Concept Description [250-300 words]

For this section you should first explain your approach and give an overview to the concepts you are choosing.  This section will bridge the gap between the role that you defined above and the concepts you will be applying.  Then identify the concepts that we have studied throughout the course, that you imagine would be useful for you to use as a leader in order to establish a strong organizational experience for your employees. Identify each of the five concepts that are most important and provide a very short definition (one or two sentences) of that concept, as if you are explaining it to your friend from home who has never studied these concepts. DON’T COPY the definition from the textbook, as the point is for you to show (in your own words) what you understand.  

Concept Application [900-1000 Words]

For each of the five concepts you choose from the semester, you should:

Explain a bit about the concept, then explain how and/or why you would use that concept in your leadership development or in your organization, depending upon the concept. Use the results from your assessments over the semester to describe your application. 

Repeat the process for other concepts that we have studied throughout the course so that you have identified a total of five valuable concepts that you wish to remember and use. Do not repeat the use of assessment/concepts you have already discussed in your leadership assessment papers, except to compare/contrast or validate past results.  You can choose any concepts from the entire semester for this assignment.

Conclusion [150-200 Words]

Make sure to write a conclusion that summarizes the value of these lessons as you project yourself into a future leadership role.  



The paper should be 1,450 – 1,650 words. Being concise is a skill you can always work on to improve. Please make sure to use appropriate writing mechanics and take care to edit your papers to be sure that the sentence structure and spelling are correct and effective. You should not have a reason to use citations or references, because I am asking you to NOT “copy and paste” ideas from the textbook, so you should be able to explain these ideas in your own words.

  • 12-point Arial type
  • One-inch margins all the way around
  • Double spaced
  • Use of headers to guide reader through the paper
  • No title page or citations are needed as the concepts are from the text and you are applying them to your personal vision
  • You name must be at the top of the first page
  • Assignment title and file name should be “VisionPaper_ Last Name”
  • Submitted through Moodle as a WORD file
  • All papers will be checked for originality using TII.