Conservation Genetics


Your assignment is to first read the article entitled Tiger Global Conservation Strategy and answer the questions on the Tiger Worksheet regarding the subject matter 

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???? Tiger Worksheet

Then you are to breed captive tigers to preserve their genetic diversity as well as to increase their disease resistance. 

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This is a game that simulates the breeding of tigers in captivity.  It requires Flash Player and will not play if you do not have it installed on your computer.  If you do not have Flash, open the website in Internet Explorer – it will open and work in this browser!!

You will complete the game for 4 generations of tigers in a hypothetical breeding program for both genetic diversity and disease resistance.  What you need to turn in is the copy of the end graph for the genetic diversity (25 pts) and disease resistance (25 pts) that show how well you did in the breeding selections (worth 50 pts). You will not be graded on how well you bred – just that you completed each section.

Procedure – Maintain Genetic Diversity

Complete the 4 generations of simulated tiger breeding, selecting tigers for the maximum diversity based on mean kinship and the relationship scale.  While one would probably breed tigers that were the least related, this might not always be the best pairing for the entire population.

Procedure – Select for Disease Resistance

Complete the 4 generations of simulated tiger breeding, selecting tigers for the maximum disease resistance but least relatedness based on feline distemper resistance alleles and the relationship scale. Students should breed tigers that were the least related but showed the most disease resistant.  The Punnett Square is drawn for each breeding event to allow you to visualize the alleles and probability of what the offspring may show.