Conflict Resolution


End of Term Conflict Analysis Overview

The purpose of this paper is to analyze a specific conflict you have had or continue to have with a specific person(s). Students often analyze workplace conflicts, personal, or family conflicts, etc. If you select a personal or workplace conflict, please use fictitious names or pseudonyms when describing the parties involved. Also, keep in mind that the conflict must involve at least two parties (this cannot be intra-personal conflict). To analyze effectively any case, you must select a case with substance and incorporate course concepts and terminology from the text in your analysis and self-reflection.


Before Writing

Section I of this assignment sheet includes questions for you to think about before writing your analysis (see attachment).

Writing the Paper/Analysis

Sections II-VIII of this assignment sheet include questions for you to consider as you write about the nature of your conflict, the role of power, individual styles, assessment, personal intervention, prevention, and possible solutions to your conflict. Base on your case or analysis, you may not need to answer every question in each section. However, please write your analysis in paragraph form for each major section, not as short answers to each question. The questions are to help you frame and guide your analysis, not for you to answer or reply to individually. You are writing an analysis paper, which should include key tables and diagrams to visually illustrate your conflict analysis. For example, TRIP diagram, Conflict Triangles, Coalition diagram, RICE analysis, etc. Note: If your conflict does not involve three parties, then a “conflict triangle” may not be appropriate in your case.

Finally, this assignment should also include a cover page and reference list, which are not part of the required pages (see attachment). Please clearly label each section within your paper and view the grading rubric for this assignment.

Final Paper Instructions

Assignment Requirements:

All papers must include:

  1. Cover page (with your name, assignment name, class #, and date, etc.).
  2. Reference list.
  3. Page numbers (insert page numbers)
  4. Page layout with 1-inch margins and 11-12 font size.
  5. APA 6th writing style for all citations and references. If you are unfamiliar with APA, please review the following links: (Links to an external site.)or