Computer Science Essay


Two to three page report on your initial thoughts/insights into Agile and Waterfall.

Background Information

In this class, we will introduce the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) through an example-driven manner, focusing on Agile development. As I have, and will try to, stress throughout the semester, Agile is by no means “the silver bullet” and there are places where waterfall and other processes are better suited.  As you go forth and become software team leaders, you can and will take what you like from the varying processes and apply it to your respective contexts.  You will find that there are strong proponents and opponents to both Agile and Waterfall-type techniques, which is the focus of this assignment.


1.       Read pro-agile article 

2.       Read pro-waterfall (anti agile) article 

3.       Find two additional articles: One pro-agile, one pro-Waterfall, and read them.

4.       Briefly summarize all four articles in 1 paragraph per article (I would say 1-1.5 pages at most for the entire summary portion). So, likely a large paragraph for each. 

5.       In an additional 5th paragraph, Give your honest opinion and insight given what you have read in these articles. While it is difficult for those of us that have not yet worked on a large-scale software project, try to speculate which would work better for you, and your future careers. 


  • Be sure to cite your work extensively! Use any citation style you would like.  Any plagiarism will result in a penalty and additional punitive measures, including those decided by the department chair. 
  • While Wikipedia is a good starting place to look for OTHER sources, you may not cite or use Wikipedia other than for that purpose (a starting place).
  • 2-3 pages, Normal (reasonable) margins and font. 1.15 spacing.


  • 2 points per each (x4) article summary. 2 points for your insights paragraph. = 10 
  • Points awarded for general impression of quality, comprehension demonstration, and effort.  And, of course, following my (customer) requirements outlined above) = 2 points