Clinical Field Experience 2

Candidates must complete all programmatic requirements, including   practicum/field experience hours defined in their coursework.   Additional information about practicum/field experiences can be found   on the Student Success Center.

To earn credit for this assignment, all required   course hours must be completed and submitted by the assignment due date.

Access the Clinical Field Experience Verification Form in the       My Documents section in the Student Portal.
Complete all required fields on the Clinical Field Experience     Verification Form.
Submit by clicking “click to     sign.” An email will be sent to the classroom teacher/mentor     to complete and verify the practicum/field experiences.
Communicate with the classroom teacher/mentor to request he or     she verify the practicum/field experience. Once verified by the     classroom teacher/mentor, an email will be sent to the     candidate’s primary email address on file with the final     completed document.
Save a pdf copy of the completed     Clinical Field Experience Verification Form to your computer.
Submit the Clinical Field Experience Verification Form to   LoudCloud.

*The data entered into this document is subject to a     verification audit. Candidates who engage in fabricating,     falsifying, forging, altering, or inventing information related to     practicum/field experiences, internships, clinical practice, and/or     any associated documentation may be subject to sanctions for     violating GCU academic integrity policies, which may include     expulsion from GCU.