CJUS 810- Final Discussion and Powerpoint

Potential linkages in transnational organized crime and terrorism are a concern.  This concern may be particularly relevant in terms of global security and homeland security in the United States.  Using the construct explained above, prepare a post/paper and PowerPoint analyzing the potential transnational organized crime – terrorism nexus and the effect on global security as well as homeland security in the United States. 

Your original thread will be based on the prompt below.  Your original thread shall be 800 to 1,200 words with a minimum of 5 properly formatted citations (this does not include title page, abstract, attachments, or reference section).   

In addition to your MSWord attachment you shall prepare and attach a 5 to 8 slide PowerPoint Presentation.  Title slide(s) and reference slide(s) do not count toward the slide count.  Please keep in mind that this is a doctoral level presentation.  Your research must go beyond the mere textbook and have a minimum of 5 scholarly sources (they may be the same as the ones you use in your post and paper).  The Holy Bible should be used at least once in the PowerPoint presentation.  Each slide (of the 5 to 8 main body slides) must have 150 to 250 words of bulleted or paragraph speakers notes (in speaker notes section of the slide build).  The slides should be professional and not cluttered with too many words.  The sources should be reflected in the speaker notes, slides, and “reference section slide”.  Additionally, you, the student, should use animations, transitions, and graphics to reflect PhD level research.