Change Management Methodology Proposal


Assignment Content

  1. Imagine you are the new IT director of a company that has just completed an IT audit and the findings pointed out several items that had been put in place without proper approval. Your first task is to provide to the board of directors a methodology for a Change Management System, handling all technology changes within the company.

    Create a 4- to 6-page change management methodology proposal that details the steps that must be taken when a change is proposed for any system.

    For your presentation, you should:

    • Discuss what makes up an IT governance committee, including roles and responsibilities to review, prioritize, and recommend based on the business needs and objectives and the severity of the change.
    • Create a mock-up of the form the stakeholder should fill out to request a system change (a stakeholder would be an end-user, manager, or IT staff member). 
    • Describe the process steps used to evaluate system changes and Service Level Agreements (SLA), including risk analysis, effect on budgeting and resources (time and people), and the severity of the change.
    • Discuss the decision-making process for purchase externally or build internally.
    • Describe the process you would use to evaluate success or failure of the change.
    • Format your sources according to APA guidelines.

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