CC Part 2

Based on Document #1: Observation Report of a Co-Teaching Classroom and the information provided in Barrera and Kramer’s “Cultural Competency as Skilled Dialogue,” create an in-service presentation on effective communication and collaboration techniques, incorporating the information provided in the scenario as well as from the professional knowledge base. Part II of this assessment is an oral presentation that is 5-7 minutes in length and accompanied by 7-10 PowerPoint slides. The presentation must include:

An overview of at least three effective respectful, reciprocal, and responsive communication and collaboration strategies, and a rationale for why you chose the strategies.
An explanation of the benefits of applying respectful, reciprocal, and responsive strategies when communicating with colleagues and other professionals.
An explanation of at least one strategy for resolving conflict in the workplace. Include examples relevant to the early childhood professionals in the scenario.

If you are unfamiliar with how to add audio to a PowerPoint presentation, please use this tutorial.