America Literature

A book analysis of Class and Race Formation in North America by James W. Russell. University of Toronto Press: Toronto, 2009. Your book critical analysis should discuss at least 3 of the following ideas:

1-      Select the book you want to use.  Discuss the main focus of the book

2-      Discuss your understanding of immigration.

3-      Discuss the institution and legacy of slavery in the United States of America and its impact today.

4-      Discuss the issues of education and policies for the education of the slave and Native American.

5-      Discuss current issues of immigration especially impact on children.

6-      Discuss protests and current police brutality.

7-      Discuss ways in which the book has contributed to your understanding of Native Americans, African immigrants and African Americans.

8-      What does it mean to be American or not American enough?

English Literature


Write about internal or external conflict within one of the short stories that we have read so far this semester (“The Yellow Wallpaper,” “The Storm” or “The Story of an Hour”). An internal conflict is a moral or ethical conflict experienced by the protagonist of the story (or any other characters). For example, a personal belief, a love, a thirst for vengeance, resolve to rectify a wrong, or some other ambition may cause a character to conflict with a moral obligation. Write about the ways in which a character’s motivations/desires conflict with his/her ethical responsibilities. Remember that you are analyzing the literary text–not commenting on whether or not the behaviors are ethical or “right” in your opinion. Instead, you should focus on the moral dilemma the character experiences and analyze how he/she wrestles with this dilemma beyond what is obvious in the plot. What literary elements draw out this conflict?