University of Phoenix Harm reduction Discussion Paper

University of Phoenix Harm reduction Discussion Paper



Your original response to the Discussion topic should be at least 350 words and should reflect the fact that you have completed the Reading and activities. Use your words wisely so that the posting has substance and includes examples and explanations. Best practice is to include citations and a reference list.


Please use your chapter readings and use the Library to research peer-reviewed studies to respond to the following:

In the readings in Chapter 21, harm reduction is provided as a strategy when addressing substance abuse. In Chapter 3, the readings discuss the stigmas associated with mental health and its impact to families. Having read these chapters and having completed a review of peer-reviewed research answer the following questions:

Define harm reduction philosophy and then investigate how this philosophy can address family problems. Provide a summary of the investigation to address family problems. University of Phoenix Harm reduction Discussion Paper

Harm reduction is a topical strategy to assist in the field of substance abuse. Please find a program that is implementing harm reduction programming and summarize this program.

Using the summary of the harm reduction program, identify organizational roles in ensuring this program is successful.

Mental health stigmas can increase risks to adolescent safety. With stigmas constantly changing as the mental health world evolves in creating awareness in the community, it is important to protect children suffering from mental health conditions. Discuss what advocacy is required for safety of adolescents and diagram this advocacy requirement to safety outcomes. University of Phoenix Harm reduction Discussion Paper


Human Resource


An acceptable analysis should be 2000 words (+/- 10%) integrating a minimum of 4 academic sources (evidenced by citations). The word count should not include the title page, an abstract, reference pages, appendices, etc. We have covered many topics in this course such as: the role and structure of HR in organizations; the legal environment and discrimination laws; job design and employee engagement, recruiting, selection and interviewing; performance management strategies; performance appraisal; compensation; discipline; unions; and safety and health issues. Pick several of these areas …at least 4 for this assignment.

Course Learning Outcomes (Current – Level 5)

1.       Analyze how performance management systems affect employees.

2.       Evaluate management styles application.

3.       Analyze the application and effects of different compensation and performance management systems. 4.       Discuss the international perspective in Human Resource Management.

Human resource management

Throughout her long career, Julie Other often found she was the only woman amid a sea of male executives. At times, it proved frustrating. “I have a strong voice and I have a loud voice, but I never really felt I was heard,” says Juliewho spent years in the financial services and high tech industries. “I’d say something and two minutes later someone else, a man, would say the same thing and it was received better.”That all changed about three years ago when she joined Watertown-based child-care provider Bright Horizons as its chief human resources officer. It was the first time Julie found herself working for a company where women were the majority on the board of directors and executive committee. “When I’m at the executive table, we support each other and we give each other theopportunity to talk,” Juliesays. “I’ve worked for some great men, too, who are very transparent and who have been great leaders. But when there’s a lot of women at the table, we have that support and maybe it’sthat trust, too.”Julie’sexperience is no anomaly. Women—and men—report higher job satisfaction at women-led companies relative to male-led companies, according to a survey of nearly 60,000 workers in 43 countries by Peakon, an online platform that tracks employee engagement. Companies where women make up more than half the executive team scored higher in key areas as ranked by employees. The survey found: they feel more confident in their employers’ overall goals and strategies;they find communication to be more effective and the mission more clearly defined, in turn leading to a greater belief in the company’s product or service; and they report having more autonomy, specifically expressing satisfaction in work-from-home policies and less micromanagement.But just having female bosses is not enough, notes Fatuma Ahmed—the women need to be leaders who employees want to work for and emulate. Ahmed is chief operating officer at AP Properties, the real estate arm of education and travel powerhouse, which has itsheadquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Ahmed’s trajectory to the top started 20 years ago when she became assistant director to AP founder,whose sons now run the multibillion-dollar family-owned company. Women make up the majority of staff and leadership at AP, and the executive leadership team has long been more than half female, Ahmedsays. “There was never a time where I didn’t feel both supported and inspired,” she says. “When I first started out, I didn’t know what I could be, but I saw there were smart and talented women in equal roles as men. “Psychologicalresearch suggests that women tend to be more empathetic than men, which could account for the perception of different leadership styles based on gender.

Usingthe above excerptabove:1. Discusthe concept that companies ledby women have happier workersthan those led by men.(15 Marks)

2. Discusshow gender inequality is depicted inwork environmentsand strategiesfor reducinggender inequality. (15 Marks)

Workplace Harassment and bullying

Workplace bullying and harassment: How can a successful HR manager deal with these challenges?

Diversity in work environment

How can a company encourage diversity? What’s its impact on workplace dynamics?

Effective communication

What is Effective communication and its effect on a company’s success?

Employee motivation

Do wages affect employee productivity? How can they be used to increase motivation?

Employee performance and Evaluation

What’s the best way to judge employee performance? Tools and criteria used for successful evaluation.

Employee Health and its impact on productivity

Health problems in the workplace: How can it affect company productivity?

Challenges facing human resource managers

What are 21st-century challenges facing human resource managers?