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A 65 yo woman was diagnosed 5 years ago with osteoarthritis in her knees following an xray that had been done after she had fallen on a hiking trip. Before the trip, she had walked regularly, played tennis, and gone backpacking with her family. Following the injury, she had limited physical activity in order to avoid pain and in the belief that rest would protect her knees from further damage. Over the past several years, she noticed increased knee stiffness in the morning and after prolonged periods of sitting. Pain has increased from mild discomfort after strenuous activity to moderate to severe pain with stair climbing, squatting, and arising from a chair.  

Her laboratory data:
Height  5’3” 
Weight  170 pounds
Resting HR 80 bpm                                       
Resting Blood Pressure  160/90
BMI  30.2 kg/m2
VO2max:24.3 ml/kg/min   

Decreased range of motion with knee flexion, hip extension, ankle dorsiflexion.
Decreased strength with knee flexion and extension, hip abduction, and ankle dorsiflexion.

About Your Assignment

Answer the following questions on the case study above. Submit your answers in this assignment portal.
1. What types of pain management tools would you suggest for her?  (.75 pts)

2. Based on the information she gave and her laboratory data, what are the primary exercise program goals for this woman? Explain (1 pt)

3. Cardio: What mode and why? (1 pt)

4. Resistance training: What to focus on, what type, and why? (.5 pt)

5. Flexibility: How will this help? (.5 pts)