Business Valuation


1)Page 21 of the HESCO CASE (attached):

Explain the discussion on weighting. In other words, what does the case teach us about how we weigh various metrics of valuation to arrive at a value for the non-publicly listed company. (2pages)

2)  Look at page 14 of the HESCO case (attached) and discuss the difference between FAIR VALUE and FAIR MARKET VALUE  ( 1/2 half page)

3)   HESCO CASE (attached):

Around page 31, the judge concludes a weighting scheme. 

Part 1-Describe what his conclusion was.

Part 2-Study all the pages of the case decision, and explain (referring to page numbers, so that I can read along with you) what the parties in litigation said about weighting past results, or forecasting future revenues, or EBITDA, or profitability. This is a huge task for you, so don’t feel you have to catch every page. Just try to sound prepared and intelligent on the issues and approaches, as if you were actually an expert witness in this matter.

In your answer, guard against being brief and superficial. Imagine how our guest speakers might discourse on this matter. (2 1/2 pages)

4)  In page 19 of the HESCO CASE (attached), discuss the Guideline Method of Valuation.(1 page)