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Foodie app

In this project we are making restaurant application(Foodie app) which show details and ratings for restaurants.


It is a group project. 

In my part, we have to write about this restaurant app’s Risk / quality Management and issues plan.  You do not need to write anything else.

No introduction and conclusion needed. I just need Risk / Quality Management and Issues Plan.

· Risk / Quality Management and Issues Plan: Identify and describe the specific risk factors that apply to your project. Conduct a risk analysis and develop appropriate risk response strategies to address these risks. Organize this information in the form of a risk register. Summarize how you intend to monitor and control your risks.

This assignment should be 2 pages with APA style and references.

No Plaglarism!!!

I need this assignment in 48 hours.

These are some details about application:

· A restaurant app that gives you ratings, different cuisines, location detection, GPS, etc. 

· No matter where you are in United States and Canada the app will pick up on your location and provide you with restaurants 

· You can save in your library which restaurants you liked/disliked 

· The app will suggest restaurants based on restaurants you’ve been to 

· App will connect to google so if you write a review it will automatically be posted in google reviews