Business assignment- answer questions based on articles & video I provided.

(hw 6)Please answer questions based on articles & videos I provided. 

  To answer the first 3 questions, watch the video about Blockbuster and Netflix titled Blockbuster vs Netflix Video and read the PDFs titled Netflix-Blockbuster   link video:    


1. Explain Netflix’s first mover advantage.

2. What were the disruptive innovations created/leveraged by Netflix and Blockbuster prior to the 2010 bankruptcy of Blockbuster (basically, name one disruptive innovation by Netflix and one by Blockbuster when they first emerged)?

3. Use the Awareness Motivation Capability framework to explain Blockbuster’s decisions to engage or not to engage in competitive actions aimed towards Netflix. What changed over time (this could be answered in terms of which components of the AMC and how)?

a. Awareness (how aware of Netflix was Blockbuster)-

b. Motivation (How motivated was Blockbuster to engage in competitive actions aimed to attack or respond to Netflix)-

c. Capability (How capable was Blockbuster to successfully attack or defend Netflix)-

Now read the PDFs Netflix Articles & Netflix and HBO Go

4. Do you think Netflix is in danger of losing their competitive advantage?

5. What advice would you give Netflix about how to maintain their competitive advantage during the streaming wars? 

Now Read the PDF Dan Loeb’s Letter to Disney CEO. This letter has caused a lot of discussion regarding Disney’s future plans (e.g.,, Now read the PDF Dan Loeb’s Disney Activist Stance Gets Mixed Reviews.

6. Which two arguments supporting the proposed change in strategy do you think are the most persuasive/effective in Dan Loeb’s letter? Why? 

7. Which proposal (e.g., collapsing all of Disney’s DTC services into the Disney + app) do you most disagree with (or think might be neutral/unnecessary)? Why?