Book Review Discussion


  • Read the article: “The Pearl in the Shell: Author’s Notes in Multicultural Children’s Literature,” found in the Reading Teacher, Volume 55, Number 5 February 2002. Use the Online Library to access it. Use the quotation marks around the title in your search if you experience difficulties in locating the article.
  • You should have already located a Young Adult book that deals with diversity. (It was on the notices page for several weeks and it was assigned at the end of the last lesson.) There are MANY at your public library, school library and in bookstores. I have given you extra time for this assignment so READ THE BOOK!!!
  • Name the book title in the subject line of your posting.
  • Include the title and author of the book in your posting.
  • Compose well thought out and descriptive paragraph summary of the book. Include the diversity aspect of the book.
  • Compose a second paragraph for the reaction to the book.
  • In a third paragraph, describe how you might include this book in a lesson. Incorporate the material suggested from “The Pearl in the Shell: Author’s Notes in Multicultural Children’s Literature” article. Be sure to include the appropriate grade level and lesson topic.

 For those of you who missed the original explanation, here it is again.

  • Read the Young Adult Book dealing with diversity. For this course, a Young Adult book is defined as a chapter book appropriate for grades 5 – 12. This book may be fiction or non-fiction, but may not be a textbook. Good resources include the public library, the librarian at your field experience school, and the internet. Suggested helpful websites include: