Basic english reply Discussion

PEER REPLIES Respond to  peer main posts with replies of 100-150 words each, answer the following questions:

  • Was the situation described clearly and with enough detail to envision the situation?
  • Reflect on the results. Could the situation been handled differently? If so, how?
  • Identify areas of Ethos-Logos-Pathos and specify which of the three your peer’s argument relied on most heavily.
  • Suggest areas of Ethos-Logos-Pathos that could have been used to make your peer’s argument successful or stronger.
  • Have you ever encountered or witnessed a similar situation? How did you handle it?                               BY, Anhelika Covington

I could recall one situation that between my husband and I. My husband loves dogs. He feels as though they are protectors and a mans best friend. While I don’t totally disagree with the statement he made, I am completely afraid of every animal there is. So I wasn’t going for it. I try to keep my distance from animals because I don’t trust them. At all. He says it’s al; about how you train the dog is how it will act. Understandable. But an animal still has a mind of it’s own like us humans. We were raised by our parents a certain way and when we got old enough we didn’t;it always apply what was taught. We didn’t forget it but some of us did it any way, So that’s how I feel about an animal.

We kept this up for a while. The same argument that we needed a dog. I think that puppies are beautiful. However, I am too afraid to have one of our own. My husband told me the benefits of having animal can do. I agree to it in some aspects but my trust level for animals is at an all time low. I don’t want to clean up poop, I’ll be too afraid to wash it, I’ll be afraid to feed it. All these factors played in my head over and over again. The last conversation we had was about a month ago. He promised me I wouldn’t have to do anything when it came to the dog. He assured me of this. The only thing he requested was for me to let the dog dog get use to my scent. I guess so it would get used to me. He convinced me to get the dog dog and so far he has held up to his word.