Aviation incident case study paper do tonight

 ase Studies:

The case studies are intended to help you gain knowledge in the following areas:

1. Aircraft accident report requirements and writing.
2. Accident investigation requirements and the problems associated with an investigation.
3. Critical thought involving aviation safety issues.

Each case study should address the following questions:

1. What happened to cause the accident?
2. Why did the accident happen?
3. What can be done to prevent this type of accident? 
4. A discussion of the deficiencies (political, technical, or investigative) of the accident investigation report.
5. The aviation safety issues associated with the accident.

Case studies should be no more than four pages long. The first and second page should review what happened and why the accident happened. The third and fourth pages should address recommendations to prevent such accidents from happening and the weaknesses of the accident report. These weaknesses may result from the lack/loss of evidence, lack of investigation technology, political constraints, or just a poor investigation. Aviation safety issues should also be discussed.

General Rules and Tips:

1. Always write in third person; never first person.
2. Do not copy an Aviation Accident Report verbatim: Summarize.
3. Do not include extraneous material in your case study.
4. If you quote the works or ideas of another, you must give appropriate credit.