These are three different assignments

Assignment 1


Compare and contrast Gestalt therapy with Behavioral Therapy. 2 pages and please don’t forget to cite.

Assignment 2


Which of the therapies, Gestalt or Behavioral, is most likely to be  used in a school setting?  Why?  Discuss briefly how play therapy is  used in Gestalt counseling in mental health counseling. 2 pages and don’t forget to cite.

Assignment 3


1.  Complete an interview with the parent/caregiver of a child or  adolescent who will be the subject of the recorded practice session in  Week 6.  For this Interview you will meet with the parent/caregiver of  the child or adolescent who will be able to provide a detailed  background and history of the child or adolescent, as well as a family  history.  Do not use the child’s real name.  THIS session is NOT  recorded and should be a comfortable length of time for the person you  are meeting with.  These meetings can typically be from 45  minutes up  to 90 minutes. 

2.  The child or adolescent subject may or may not be present for  this meeting.  If the subject is present be sure to acknowledge the  child in the interview and provide an activity for the child to do while  the parent is being interviewed. 

3.  A biopsychosocial guide is attached .  Create questions that comver the topics in the attached guide. 

4.  Submit a report of how you did in this meeting.  Information  about the child is important but the types of questions you asked to get  the necessary information about the family and the subject are  important too.  (Questions are expected to be non-clinical, creative and  open-ended)

I also uploaded a attachment for this assignment