Assignment 2


Research collaborative models. In a presentation or brochure for pre-service teachers, choose one model and describe it. Cover the following:

Give an overview of the collaborative model you chose.
Go into detail about communication between the stakeholders – in what ways do they communicate, how often, etc.
Discuss how decisions of curriculum are made between the collaborative team.
Share strategies the collaborative team uses to work together in the classroom.
Finally, describe how you could implement this model in your classroom.

To complete a presentation, you may use Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, a free web presentation website (, or Google Presentations (

Your presentation should be 10-15 slides that include a title slide and a reference slide. Slides should be easy to read and appealing. Only key words and phrases should be on the slide itself. Use the notes section below the slide or a separate Word document to add a script. This should give all of the details of what you would say. Make sure to cite all sources you use.

To complete the brochure, you may use Microsoft Publisher or you may use FormatPixel, an online publishing website ( Your brochure needs to be a minimum of 2 pages. Make sure to cite and reference all sources.

Grading Rubric


Homework Assignment #2 Rubric


Points Possible

Points Earned


Candidate gives an overview of the chosen collaborative model



Candidate describes the importance of, how often, and how to   communicate between stakeholders.



Describes how curriculum decisions are made between collaborative   teams.  



Describes collaborative team strategies for working together in the   classroom 



Describes how to implement in the model in the classroom



Presentation or paper includes title of brochure/presentation,   details, in-text citations, and reference section/slide.