Assignment 1- Business to Business Marketing

Complete the assignment posted:

1. Explain how a company such as GE might be classified by some business marketers as a user customer but by others as an OEM customer.

2. Describe the key elements of a customer value proposition. Next, explain how a compelling value proposition might include points of parity as well as points of difference.

3. Consumer products are frequently classified as convenience, shopping, or specialty goods. This classification system is based on how consumers shop for particular products. Would this classification scheme apply equally well in the business marketing environment?

4. Evaluate this statement: “The ways that leading companies manage time in the supply chain—in new-product development, in production, and in sales and distribution—are the most powerful new sources of competitive advantage.”

5. Describe the total-cost-of-ownership orientation that purchasing managers use and illustrate how you could apply it to you next time you are purchasing a car!

6. Companies purchase millions of notebook computers each year for their staff.  Identify several evaluative criteria that purchasing managers might use in choosing a particular brand.  In your opinion, which criteria would be most decisive in the buying decision?

7.  Evaluate this statement: Large customers tend to be either the most or least profitable in the customer base of a business-to-business firm