Assignment 06: Term Paper: Draft of Factual Background

HA4050D – Healthcare Law

Assignment 06: Term Paper: Draft of Factual Background


 Task: Submit to complete this assignment

This week we continue making progress on the term paper. So far, we have identified a topic and found sources that discuss that topic and the issues it raises. This week, you will draw on that research to write a rough draft of one section of the body of your paper.

The body of the paper should begin with an introduction that explains the subject of the paper, piques the interest of the reader by explaining why the topic is important, and the previews conclusions. Then, it should proceed to establishing the factual background of the case or issue. (In a future assignment, we will move on to other parts of the body, the analysis, and conclusion.)


This week, submit a draft of the introduction and the facts about your case/issue. The facts are about answering the basic questions:  What? Where? When? How? Why? For example, if you are writing about a medical negligence case, you would explain who the parties are, how they met, and what happened. Talk about the claims being made, and any defenses being raised. Follow the course of the case through trial and the appellate courts. This is not the time for detailed analysis or opinions. Instead, give the background necessary to complete that step in a future assignment.

Your draft should be 2-4 pages long, and much more than just an outline. A draft should look very close to a complete version of your paper. Write in complete sentences and paragraphs, making the draft as thorough as you can. Your instructor will give you feedback on your paper to help you make it better before the final draft. The more you submit now, the more guidance you will receive, and the less work you will have to do before turning in the final paper.

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