Assignment 05: Respondeat Superior

HA4050D – Healthcare Law 

  Assignment 05: Respondeat Superior


 Task: Submit to complete this assignment

Prior to completing this assignment, you must complete your own research to find a court case. Log in to the NAU Library and locate the Nexis Uni database. There, search for a court case that involved a negligence suit against a health care corporation on the basis of respondeat superior. In other words, you will be looking for a case where a plaintiff alleged that a corporation’s employee committed a negligent act within the course and scope of employment. The plaintiff is thus attempting to hold the defendant corporation liable for the employee’s conduct. (Please be sure that the case you choose is NOT a case you are already using for the term paper assignment.) 


Using the court case you found through your own research, respond to the questions below:

1.What were the allegations against the defendant? What is the employ alleged to have done that constituted negligence?

2.Was there any dispute that the alleged acts of the employee occurred within the course and scope of employment? If so, what factors did the court discuss in deciding that question?

3.Imagine you are an administrator at the defendant corporation. How would you have reacted when your company was first served with this lawsuit? What steps would you have taken to investigate the allegations? What policy or procedure changes, if any, might you think about implementing to prevent a similar occurrence in the future?

Choose one of the formats below in which to submit your assignment:

.A 2-page paper of no fewer than 500 words, written in APA style with all references cited;

.A PowerPoint presentation of no fewer than five slides, not including a title slide and reference slide. You must include at least three visual elements such as diagrams, images, or illustrations; or

A video of at least 5 minutes in length where you discuss the case and your answers to these questions on camera. Upload the video to a hosting service such as YouTube and provide the link in the assignment dropbox.

No matter which format you choose, remember that you must include the full citation to the case.

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